Ferry Building and Embarcadero

The Ferry Building anchors San Francisco to the Bay at the foot of Market Street on the Embarcadero

Ferry Building

The three-story Ferry Building is located at One Ferry Building on Embarcadero Street. Its clock tower makes the building easy to spot. Home to restaurants, small eateries, cookware specialty shops, and an independent bookstore. The interior was renovated in 2003, restoring the Ferry Building to its original grandeur and creating a luxurious open-market feel amongst the lofted ceiling. Ferries still operate today, carrying thousands of commuters and tourists every day, tickets can be purchased in advance or before boarding at the ticket kiosk.

Farmers Market at the Ferry Building

 Held three days a week, the effervescent Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market is located in front of the building on Tuesday and Thursdays, and both in front and in back of the building on Saturdays to accommodate the larger crowd. You can purchase a diverse array of fresh produce, meat, eggs, and other locally grown and farmed items. Depending on which day of the week you attend, you can listen to live jazz music or watch a cooking demonstration. Bring a reusable bag and some cash, because this farmer’s market is too good to resist!


Embarcadero History

Built on a man made seawall, the Embarcadero landscape has greatly changed over the years. A busy seaport in the early 1900’s, a military hub during WWII, the Embarcadero Freeway constructed in the 60′ and torn down in 1991 after sustaining damage in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

Embarcadero Today

Beautifully reconstructed, the Embarcadero Waterfront is booming with activity. Large sidewalks to accommodate the thousands of visitors. Historic Street-Cars running up and down the roadway. Easy access to go to or from the Fisherman’s Wharf, The Financial District, Oracle Park home of the SF Giants, Market Street and BART transit.

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