Crissy Field

Crissy Field was transformed starting in 2001 from a former military airfield into a beloved national park site.

Today, the restored Crissy Field is a stunning place to walk or bike on a flat, hard-packed promenade with iconic views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. A beautiful and much-loved trail winds through Crissy Field between Marina Green and Fort Point.

Crissy Field is the premier recreation area on the Presidio. The Golden Gate Promenade provides access to the restored tidal marsh and beaches along the bay shore. Whether your excercising or merely contemplating at the shore, you can enjoy the expansive views, water birds, native plants and sandy beaches along Crissy Field.


Originally a coastal wetlands occupied seasonally by the Ohlone people, the Crissy Field area has seen more changes in use than any other site in the Presidio. After being allocated for stables, warehouses, and a refuse site in the late 1800's, the tidal sloughs were filled for the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition. During World War I, barracks for 6,000 soldiers covered the area prior to construction of the airfield in 1919.

From 1921 to 1936 Crissy Army Airfield was the center of West Coast military aviation. During these years of explosive advances in air power, pilots from Crissy performed maneuvers and mock battles, flew endurance flights, surveyed the west by air, and scouted for forest fires. A major restoration of the airfield area was completed in 2001.

A Monumental Restoration Effort
As part of the restoration, over 100,000 native plants representing 110 species were planted or seeded around the site. Since the restoration, biologists have identified over 17 fish species and 135 bird species in the tidal marsh, including herons, egrets, ducks, and gulls. Also, keep an eye out for the heads of California sea lions as they swim past Crissy Field!


Presidio Tunnel Tops Opening in Spring 2022 is a new attraction in the Presidio national park site and adjacent to Crissy Field. This new destination connects the historic center of the Presidio to the park’s Crissy Field waterfront. 

It’s built on top of the Presidio Parkway Tunnels, with amazing Golden Gate views you can’t find anywhere else in San Francisco. This new destination connects the historic center of the Presidio to the park’s Crissy Field waterfront. Presidio Tunnel Tops has nature play spaces for kids, picnic areas, and places to walk in nature. You can even experience a classic national park campfire with the whole family. It’s a destination to enjoy itself, and a jumping off point for other park adventures. Come to feel inspired and escape from the busy city in the peaceful Presidio Tunnel Tops. The area is free to enjoy, accessible for all, and easy to get to on public transit. 


Infomation provided by the National Park Service and Presidio Tunnel Tops.


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