Russian Hill

Russian Hill is a quaint, upscale residential community known for the famously crooked Lombard Street, a major tourist destination.


Russian Hill's name goes back to the California Gold Rush era, when settlers discovered a small Russian cemetery at the top of the hill. Russian naval and merchant ships frequently visited San Francisco throughout the 19th century beginning in 1806, and there are several mentions of burials of crew members in the Russian Hill cemetery in the first half of the century. The cemetery was eventually removed, but the name remained. Russian Hill is considered one of the first original Seven Hills of San Francisco.


Russian Hills most popular attraction is Lombard Street, known as the "crookedest street" The Hyde Powell cable cars route climbs the neighborhood’s hills. The views include a number of city landmarks including the Golden Gate and Bay bridges. Polk and Hyde Streets offer an assortment of trendy and old-school restaurants, bars and shops.

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