Murphy Windmill Golden Gate Park

Murphy Windmill Golden Gate Park

On the far western edge of Golden Gate Park stand two wooden windmills that were built to pump groundwater for irrigating the park’s lawns and gardens, helping to transform the dunes that once covered the area.

The North, or Dutch, Windmill was built in 1902, followed by the South, or Murphy, Windmill,  completed in 1907. Motorized pumps were first installed in the Dutch Windmill in 1913 to augment the power system, and the Murphy Windmill was electrified soon after.

It’s commonly believed that the windmills were taken out of service around 1935. Cosmetic repairs to the Dutch Windmill were completed in 1980, and a renovation of the Murphy Windmill and adjacent Millwright’s Cottage was completed in 2012.


Information provided by SF Recreation and Park Department


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